Common Ingredients

This page is a big work in progress! We'll refine these descriptions as we can.

Here you'll find some of our commonly used ingredients, along with their prominent uses & associations in witchcraft! 

Lavender - a magical powerhouse of potential, widely known for its use in heightened psychic awareness, insight, and healing.

Cinnamon - a wonderful all-purpose & supportive amplifier, full of warm fire energy known to protect, inspire, motivate, and comfort.

Ginger - increase in energy & personal power.

Orange - embodies the sun! A fruit of joy, strength, and happiness, with a strong connection to fire, love, divination, and luck.

Clove - protection, security, healing.

Peach - longevity / vitality, protection, love.

Coconut - protection, purification.

Cardamom - love, relaxation, clarity.

Lemongrass - psychic boost & cleansing, growth, strength.

Chocolate - comforting, nurturing, grounding, and centering.

Chamomile - healing, reducing stress, deep rest and calm.

Passion flower - friendship, prosperity, ease disagreements & stress.

Vanilla - passion, and restoring lost energy. often carried to increase energy & strengthen mental abilities.

Peppermint - peace, self cleansing, opening up for psychic/divinatory work.

Apple - a hearth magic powerhouse for fertility, domestic comfort, familial growth, health, & safety.

Cherry - love, divination, gaiety and happiness

Rose - the practical uses of rose changes with the flower color. Yellow roses are most closely associated with friendship, while pink roses are used for gratitude or grace. Red roses stand for passion, romance, and desire, and orange roses are for cheer, enthusiasm, and hope.

Blueberry - protection.

Jasmine - love, happiness, moon magic, clarity, divination, beauty, sensuality.